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Help, I forgot to pay for my shipping

Did you accidentally select in store pickup or beginner camp pickup since those shipping options are free but now realize you do not want to drive to our store nor is your player a beginner attending beginner camp and you want us to ship your order? Be sure to put your order number and last name on the order in the notes otherwise we may not know whose order to ship.


It happens.

Click here if you ordered reeds in the amount of $125 or less


Click here for orders up to $250


Did you buy $251 or more worth of stuff or more? Click here instead:


Q: Do we monitor this and make sure you paid the right amount?

A: Yes. Yes we do.


Q: If I select the cheaper option because I like spending less $ will you still ship my order?

A: Nope. Gotta pay for your shipping, friend.