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Because we were getting a lot of spam, we do not publish our email addresses here on our website. To help us with the flow of information, please fill out one of these contact forms:

Do you need to request an RMA / Refund? (not for reeds)

If so, please fill out this form (within 30 days of placing your order):

RMA Request Form (not for reeds)

^ this is the wrong place for reeds - keep reading below:


Did you receive a reed and it was damaged upon receipt?

If so, please fill out this form (within 24 hours of receiving the package):

Damaged Reed Form


Are you having a different problem with a reed?

You don't like the reed, you can't get the reed to work how you need it to, the reed is "bad," the teacher or band director told you something is wrong and to contact us?

If so, please fill out this form and we will assist you:

Reed Problem Form


Something else unrelated to the above issues?

Please use this form to contact us:

The Something Else Form

Email addresses: unfortunately due to high levels of spam, we don't have that information available here. You are welcome to call or text us. Jason: 469-691-3875 Jennifer: 469-691-3873 Ralph: 469-361-2440. Our email addresses are our first names at bocalmajority dot com. Just a heads up, if you email us about a reed issue, we'll redirect you to one of the forms below.