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Instrumental and Bocal Trials

Bocal Majority offers in-person trials at our Richardson, TX shop and also shipped trials via UPS shipping. Here is information about both options:


In-Person Trials

All in-person trials must be scheduled ahead of time by contacting our instrumental sales manager. You can call for an appointment or fill out the contact form below. We are unable to accommodate walk-in trial requests. Although rare, we may be able to accommodate requests made on the day of the trial request. We do offer trials on Saturdays, however those must be arranged at least 5 days ahead of time. Our inventory may be out on trial and this will allow us to ensure that we have a staff member available to assist you for the trial and that we have the instruments in the shop that you wish to try.

Trials Shipped to You

We offer instruments for a 7 day trial period from the date of receipt. We do allow time at the end for shipping back to us. On a trial, up to 2 bassoons, up to 4 oboes, and up to 8 bassoon or contra bocals can be sent in the same shipment. On the day you receive the instrument(s) your 7 day trial window will begin. By the 7th day, you should decide how you wish to proceed and whatever you're not keeping must be sent back on that 7th day. It is a good idea to carefully consider how you will be paying for your instrument since payment will be due for any selected instruments at that time. 

Bocal Majority does not require a down payment on any instrument for a trial; however, we do require a valid credit card on file as a security deposit in order to do a trial. We will also charge that card for shipping when we ship the instrument(s). If the instrument on trial is not purchased and is not returned on time, the credit card number provided will be charged for the full amount of the instrument. You can opt to use either the same credit card on file or a different form of payment (bank transfer, check, other credit card, loan disbursement, etc...), and that can be provided at the end of the trial.

The customer will be responsible for all return shipping charges. Bocal Majority will send a label for return shipping. Retain all shipping boxes and materials to ship back in similar fashion.

During the trial period, the customer accepts full responsibility for loss or damage. After the trial period, the instrument must be either returned or purchased and paid for in full. Once an instrument has been purchased, the sale is final, and the instrument is not returnable.

The customer is responsible for all instruments, including accessories, sent on trial. With a brand new instrument, please do not open the swabs until you have decided to purchase the instrument – please use your own swab. If Bocal Majority does not hear from the customer at the end of the trial period, or if there is any failure to communicate or to return trial instruments, Bocal Majority will charge the held credit card number for the full value of the instrument. All accessories included with any instrument must be returned unused; any missing or damaged accessories will be charged to the customer’s credit card. Returned trial instruments must be returned in the same condition as they were received, and all instruments will be inspected upon their return.

*Please note that we do not accept American Express - kindly use a different type of card.

To start your trial, submit this form: