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  • Bocal Majority Bassoon Reed-Making Tool Kit - Recommended Kit #1

Bassoon Reed-Making Tool Kit - Recommended Kit #1

SKU: TB-401
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This is the Bocal Majority Bassoon reed-making tool kit: "Recommended Kit" Kit #1 - see below for the specific contents:

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The Bocal Majority Bassoon Reed-Making Tool Kit #1 "Recommended Kit" Contains the Following:

  • Fox Bassoon Reed Holding Mandrel
  • Fox Bassoon Reed Forming Mandrel
  • Chiarugi Double Hollow Ground Reed Knife (right handed by default, but can be handed for left-handed users if you let us know ahead of time)
  • Wooden Peg Board that has the capacity to hold up to 5 pegs
  • 5 Removable Christlieb Brass Forming Pegs 
  • 1 Small Spool of 22-Guage Brass Wire
  • Needlenose Pliers that can cut wire 
  • Duco Cement
  • Easel
  • X-ACTO Knife (standard size #1)
  • 6-Inch Metal Ruler with metric and standard
  • Blue Plastic Bassoon Plaque
  • Multi-Color Squirrely Stash Thread FF standard thickness ("Bocal Majority's Kit Stash")
  • 30mm Cutting Block
  • Razor blade
  • Scissors
  • Emory board
  • Pencil
  • Comes in a pencil box

None of our tool kits come with the cane itself since everyone likes something a little different. If you'd like our recommendation, we like this:

GSP Cane to Make Bassoon Reeds